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Huntworth Men's Heavy Weight Windproof Soft Shell Hunting Pants

Huntworth Men's Heavy Weight Windproof Soft Shell Hunting Pants

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  • Zipper closure
  • MADE FOR TOUGH CONDITIONS: Houlton camo hunting pants are designed with DWR treatment finish for odor-free and moisture repellent, heavy duty patches, and product protection that make these pants great for hunting in tough conditions
  • QUALITY MATERIAL: Made with triple layer fabric with sherpa fleece interior, make them incomparable fleece hunting pants,constructed with stretch polyester, windproof breathable film, and Sherpa fleece for next-to-skin comfort and warmth
  • EXCEPTIONAL DESIGN: We take pride in creating superb hunting apparel with your needs in mind; Houlton pants come with five pockets, including a knife pocket slot on the right leg; They also have side leg zippers for easy boots on and off, five wide belt loops, a rubberized non-slip inner waistband, and built-in suspender loops at the waist for a secure fit
  • WARMTH AND LIGHTWEIGHT: Along with the sherpa fleece, the camo insulated pants bonded film blocks the wind from penetrating, keeping you protected from chilly blasts and in the hunt even as the temperature turns freezing, also our heavyweight hunting pants are surprisingly light weight for such a warm garment
  • TRUST THE DISRUPTION: The Disruption pattern on these pants is part of our camouflage hunting clothes line and is specifically designed to effectively hide the wearer, the Disruption pattern is an essential tool for any hunter looking to stay hidden and undetected in cold weather conditions

Product Description

Outstanding quality and performance that you can afford

Huntworth started out in 2001 as a glove company and built our reputation on the fit and performance of our gloves. Today Huntworth has a full line of clothing and accessories with the goal to provide quality gloves and apparel for passionate hunters that they can afford. Our attention to detail and drive to offer items that are built to last is easy to recognize in the Huntworth product line.

Huntworth pushes the boundaries of camouflage design with its own line of unique camo patterns to help hunters outwit the eyes of big game. We have proprietary camos: Disruption, a digital pattern; Tarnen, an organic pattern; and Hidd’n a photo realistic pattern. Choose the pattern and clothing that works best for your hunting needs and style.

Disruption - A digital pattern

Huntworth Disruption camouflage utilizes computer generated graphics featuring a high level of random and abstract visual noises to help you remain undetected in the environment. Disruption is a versatile pattern that blends well from the rocky terrain out West to the hardwoods in the East. It works at both the ground level and in the tree stand. The coloration makes it a year round pattern that works in the various color shades of Fall, Winter and Spring. It also works well when there is a light layering of snow or frost on the ground.

Tarnen – An organic pattern

Huntworth Tarnen camouflage is a new approach to concealment. We built it with shapes found in nature, distorted them to introduce visual randomness and added layers for depth perception. The organic elements of the pattern ensures that you will blend into your surroundings. Tarnen is a highly versatile pattern designed to work in a wide range of terrains. From hardwood trees to evergreen trees, in open plains and mountain ranges. Whether you are sky lined in a tree, on the ground or in a rock formation, Tarmen’s organic elements and visual depth will ensure that you blend seamlessly into your surroundings. Tarnen coloration works throughout the year, making it a versatile all season pattern.

Hidd’n – a photo realistic pattern

Huntworth Hidd’n camouflage is a traditional leaves and twigs pattern. It uses photographic elements and arranges them to create a pattern that is open from the distance, breaks you up at close range and enables you to easily blend in your surroundings. Hidd’n's natural color palette functions in a wide range of terrains making this a multi season pattern that works well in the woods from the Northeast to the Midwest and down to the South. You can use it in the tree stand, at the ground level or in the open woods.

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