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Zorestar Fire Starters XXL 60 Pc - Eco Firelighters for Indoor and Outdoor Use, Compatible with Solo Stove, Green Egg and Other Grills and Bbqs - Box of 100% Natural Waterproof Firestarters…

Zorestar Fire Starters XXL 60 Pc - Eco Firelighters for Indoor and Outdoor Use, Compatible with Solo Stove, Green Egg and Other Grills and Bbqs - Box of 100% Natural Waterproof Firestarters…

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  • Fire starter pack includes 60 rolls made of wood and steorin. All-natural, non-toxic Firestarter's for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Safe and Easy Fire Starters work even better than Fatwood: It helps start fires in wood stoves, fireplaces, fire pits, and campfires. Firewood sticks & fire starters for grills simplify the fire-starting process, without using electric devices, paper, or harmful liquids. Compatible with Solo Stove, Green Egg, and other conventional firepits and BBQs
  • This fire starter can be easily lit even in bad weather, so it may be a nice survival kit accessory to make a campfire anywhere, compatible with stoves and firepits.
  • The size of each wood wool fire lighter is 2”. Natural starters burn up to 10 minutes, providing enough heat to make a good fire.
  • Perfect charcoal starters for grill - 100% natural, will not add any chemical smell to your food.

Product Description

Fire starter are not affected by humidity and can be kindling with a match even when wet in windy or damp conditions.

If you found of hunting, camping, hiking journey, fatwood firestarter will be your best partner in this.

Light your firewood & charcoal & with firestarters for grills, kindling fire starter are easy and safe for use.

Our all natural wooden fire starters are made of all wood with zero harmful or hazardous chemicals and can burn for up to 10 minutes.

With Zorestar fire starter kit enjoy your dishes such as grilled delicacies, pizza, fish & meat without added toxic smells or chemical flavors.

Use fire starter logs for fireplace in fire pits, campfire, chimneys and can be used outdoors and indoors.

We are proud of our product fire starter sticks for fireplace because we like to spend time actively outdoors & use them with our families on picnics and in travels .

Features of campfire starters:

  • Natural fire starter is made of wood wool, pine and stearin, no chemicals used. Lights easily, no lighter fluids needed.
  • Indoor/outdoor fire starter for fireplace, fire pit, grill, pizza oven.
  • The size of each campfire starter is about 2”.
  • Zorestar firestarters for campfires may be used as a firewood starter for indoor fireplace, as well as for fire pit outdoors.
  • Firelighters burn time is up to 10 minutes, light a fire very quickly.
  • 100% natural starters in plastic-free packaging allows you to start a fire in any weather. Even when windy this camping fire starter can be easily lit.
  • May be used as a grill starter. Great for cooking, since does not have an unpleasant smell like lighter fluids or other chemical fire starters.
  • This fire starters is a must have if you go camping or hiking.

Fire starter - Camping firestarter - Lump charcoal starter for grill can be used as:

  • camp fire starter
  • charcoal lighter
  • fire lighters for fireplace and grill
  • fire pit lighter
  • big green egg fire starters
  • wood stove fire starter
  • firewood kindling
  • bbq fire starter

These fire lighters will make your fire starting easy and quick. No need to buy lighter fluids, choose all-natural and safe fire starters.

How to Use fire starter square:

  • Choose the place where the lighting will be, it can be cauldron / fireplace / bonfire / grill
  • Put a wood stove fire starter as close as possible to material which will be lit, it can be coal nugget or grilling wood pellets and after light it up (against the direction of the wind).

Where can you use natural fire starters by Zorestar:

  • In stoves for kindling wood sticks, Bonfire & Campfire, and Outdoor
  • Fire starter are good for Chimney, Fireplaces and Fire Pit
  • Fire starter sticks ideal for bbq grill, pizza oven & charcoal grill
  • For start burning of wood pellets in wood stove & kindling fire starter in Big Green Egg.
Color Black Brown Black
Material Wood Wood Wood Wood
Burn Time 10 min. 10 min. 10 min. 10 min.
Compatibility Stoves, firepits Solo Stove, Green Egg Solo Stove, Green Egg Solo Stove, Green Egg
Materials Wood, steorin Wood shavings, steorin Wood wool, pine, steorin Kiln dried fire wood, fatwood
Quantity 60 rolls 400 pcs 30 pcs 300 pcs, 12 pcs
Size 2 in. 2 in. 2 in.
Usage Grill, outdoor Grill, BBQ, pizza oven Indoor, outdoor Indoor, outdoor
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